Corporate Events

Corporate Events

Make your event an action aimed at sharing with an active nucleus of people, who are looking for more effective ways of business and the achievement of more ambitious goals.

What they have in common the know how to play golf well and be part of a business team of success?

Both require use, confidence, creativity and imagination to achieve a goal.

We propose the exponential training, individual and corporate teams, using golf as a means of learning, to improve their productivity through a tutorial.

It is not necessary to have acquired experience golfing, even the beginner can make a significant contribution to the formation of the team and to its growth.
The experience of golf experience provides a common ground, knowledge and context that builds a solid team.

Golf della Montecchia

Via Montecchia, 12
35030 Selvazzano Dentro Padova (Italy)

T. +39 049 8055550
F. +39 049 8055737
P.IVA IT 02294260282



Orario di Apertura

Segreteria Golf
Tutti i giorni: 8.30-17.00
Segreteria Performance Center
Lunedì-Martedì: 12.00-19.00 | Mercoledì- Venerdì: 12.30-19.30 | Sabato: 10.00-15.00
Caddy Master
Lunedì 8.00-19.00 | Martedì-Domenica 8.00-20.00
Lunedì 9.00-19.00 | Martedì-Venerdì 9.00-23.00 | Sabato-Domenica 8.00-23.00
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