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02 INV 2007

"Impegnati nel Verde" (INV) is an environmental recognition of the Italian Golf Federation which aims to raise awareness of golf clubs and players on environmental issues.
However, the even more ambitious goal of Impegnati nel Verde is to drive the clubs towards the environmental certification of G.E.O. (Golf Environment Organization), an international program recognized by the I.O.C. (International Olympic Committee), by the major golf associations such as R. & A., E.G.A., P.G.A. , European Tour and by the most important organizations that protect nature, such as the W.W.F. International.


In 2007, the Golf della Montecchia, following a long environmental management policy in place since 1997, was awarded the “Impegnati nel Verde” prize.


Encouraged by the good results obtained with the study on warm season grasses, in 2010 the Golf della Montecchia converted the turf of tees and fairways from cool season grasses to Bermuda. The works were spread over three years: 2010 on the 9 holes of the White course, 2011 on the 9 holes of the Red course and 2012 on the 9 holes of the Yellow course.

The advantages of this operation are immediately noticeable for aesthetic, for playability and above all for the environment. Water consumption was reduced by 60%, nutritional inputs were reduced by up to 70% and the use of pesticed  herbicides was reduced by 80% (with a forecast of zeroing) and the use of fungicides and insecticides was stopped .

In light of these results, at the end of June 2012 the second "INV Environmental Recognition" in the 'Water' category was awarded to the Golf della Montecchia.


In 2021, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the birth of Golf della Montecchia, a book was written which, in addition to telling the history of the club, also describes how it has become part of the territory and landscape.
Thanks to this publication, Golf della Montecchia has obtained for the third time the "INV Environmental Recognition" in the category "Historical, artistic and cultural heritage".

 FILE 1 diploma INVFILE 1 diploma INV

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Golf Environment Organization (G.E.O.) is a non-profit and non-governmental organization whose purpose is to promote sustainability in golf through an Environmental Certification process that allows for the achievement of a "GEO Certified ™ ecolabel".

In April 2013, the environmental policy of Golf della Montecchia, supported and encouraged also by the initiatives of the "Impegnati nel Verde" project, was awarded the “G.E.O. CertifiedTM Ecolabel " following a commitment to defense and support of the environment started in 1997.
The continuous commitment of Golf della Montecchia is recognized by G.E.O. with the three-year renewal of the Environmental Certification in May 2016 and September 2019.
Among the most important actions, the collaboration with universities and research bodies for running various scientific research on environmental sustainability and the launch on the 9 holes of the "Green course" (formerly "Yellow course") of the "Biogolf case study", an innovative project aimed at identifying a possible organic maintenance protocol of a golf course.

 06 GEO

Thanks to the close collaboration between the US Kids Foundation, G.E.O. (Golf Environment Organisation) and the three PlayGolf54 clubs of the Golf della Montecchia Golf, the Golf Frassanelle and the Galzignano Terme Spa & Golf Resort, the 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 editions of the US Kids Venice Open tournament were conducted in full compliance with environmental sustainability. Starting from 2018 and in the following years (2019, 2020) the US Kids Venice Open is officially recognized as a "GEO Certified" tournament, becoming the first amateur event, moreover dedicated to Juniors, to have achieved this result.

07 2018 GEO Venice Open Certified08 2019 GEO Venice Open Certificate09 2020 GEO Venice Open Certified




During the IGTM International Golf Travel Market, Golf della Montecchia received the I.A.G.T.O. Sustainability Awards 2018 - Community Value. It is an award born from the partnership between the I.A.G.T.O. (International Association of Golf Tour Operators) and the non-profit foundation G.E.O. (Golf Environment Organization), which values ​​excellence in environmental and social responsibility.





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